Thursday, November 27, 2014

Orono students make robotic hand for boy born without fingers - KMSP-TV

The high school teacher who led the class said in the interview "to help someone--I don't want to call it--with a disability, but..." Well, if not having any fingers on your hand is not a disability what the hell is? It can't be an advantage. 

Here is this man who has done a great thing for other human beings, but he still has to bow to the gods of political correctness, mustn't say anything that suggests someone is not equal to someone else. You are allowed to correct the disability but you can't refer to it as a disability, lest you be fell upon by the squealers, those people who do nothing to actually help anyone but take it upon themselves to correct other's vocabulary. Their correctitude in language makes them morally superior to people that actually do something to help others. 

The aristocrats in the 18th century who ruled their times were less noxious than these self-appointed priests of proper diction. 

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