Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Pinnacle of Hypocrisy

Full text: Obama's immigration speech: "It has shaped our character as a people with limitless possibilities — people not trapped by our past, but able to remake ourselves as we choose."

As we choose? Apparently not. Apparently it is as anyone who strolls across the border chooses. We have assumed among the powers of the rights of a sovereign nation--except we are not allowed to decide who joins our nation. Our deciding who joins our nation is, uniquely among the nations of the Earth, not simply being a sovereign nation, but being racist.

We are told that these people just want to work. Well, I have no doubt that they do. But there are a lot of Americans that want to work to and have given up on finding work. The question is who do we owe? Who comes first? Permit me to say that it is Americans to whom we owe our first obligation.

It is compassionate to the illegal aliens? Perhaps, but only to the extent that we are willing to be less compassionate to the Americans that do not get jobs or have their wages lowered by the surfeit of illegals who are quite rationally from willing to take jobs at lower wages.

What about all the people killed by illegal aliens? We cannot talk about that because all of the crimes committed by illegal aliens are committed by citizens, too, and so singling out illegal aliens is racist. But then we turn around and talk about their willingness to work as if it were some sort of unique human achievement that is beyond the capability of typical Americans.

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