Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It just gets better and better

Update: From instapundit, it turns out that the ACORN story has been picked up by John Stewart. Now you know this will be a real story. The NYTs can keep the lid on something that is on Fox but it can't shut John Stewart up.

Update: the link above may not work because of the volume of traffic. Here is a link to instapundit where I originally found it (just scroll down).

The Acorn Scandal: You cannot make this stuff up. I can't even make myself write what is in the latest Acron video.

Here is a link to Stanley Kurtz' piece in the National Review from last year about Obama's ties with Acorn.

Today, here is a round up of what is being said in the MSM about the scandal. NPR think it is just about being in a poor neighborhood and needing more training.

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