Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three terrorist plots

Three terrorist plots foiled in the same few days. It seems like the Obama effect has not solved all our problems. Maybe Obama needs to apologize more?

In the meantime our administration is busy convincing itself that abandoning the people of Afghanistan to the tender mercies of the Taliban. Obama's commitments apparently mean nothing.

The great story our elites are telling themselves is that the Afghan government is lacks legitimacy. Legitimacy is the key to winning the counter insurgency. Since the government is not legitimate because some votes were stolen then there is no sense stretching this out. The great Oneness has decided that the facts on the ground have changed.

Our entire liberal elite and a good portion of the conservatives are convincing themselves of a story. They are constructing a narrative for themselves to justify cutting and running. they have found a villain to ease their consciences.

But what has changed really? was the government there not always corrupt? is there a third world government that is not? It seems a bit odd to be all the sudden worried about the propriety of elections when for years we have kowtowed to autocracies of various stripes.

They are asking the wrong question. Whether the people of Afghanistan voted for Karzai or not they certainly voted against the Taliban. The other major candidates were if anything more anti-Taliban than the Karzai government. There is no sense or suggestion that the people in Afghanistan are for the Taliban or for easing up on them.

Nor is there any sense that the reason that people who hesitate to cooperate with us are motivated by dissatisfaction with the electoral process; they are afraid of people coming and cutting their throats.

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