Monday, September 07, 2009

Media Bubble Beware

Mickey Kaus has a great, short post on the NYTs and the media bubble. The mass media have not covered the story of Van Jones even though the story has been on the web for a couple of weeks. Now, the day after he resigns, readers of the NYTs and other mainstream outlets have no real idea why he resigned. The description in the NYTs story as Kaus outlines it seems particularly distorting.

This is an unforeseen by-product of the media's liberal leanings. They did not cover the Van Johnson story either because it did not reflect well on the Obama administration and they did not want to be seen as helping the enemy or because the associations that Van Jones had with organizations seen by many as being extreme just did not strike them as being that offensive or important. Either way, the media's solicitude for the Obama administration has done their readers and particularly the supporters of the Obama administration a disservice. If you really wanted to help the Obama administration you would be on these stories, vetting these guys and giving those who would support them a heads up so they can prepare and help defend the administration.

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