Friday, September 18, 2009

Saying things that aren't true

So it turns out that some of the anecdotes used in Obama's speech were, what is the word, untrue.

The interesting thing that I would like to know is in how many other countries is the life-extending stem cell treatment that was delayed for three weeks by the evil insurance company available at all? My guess is that there are few socialized medicine countries that are paying for this kind of treatment at all. I would be quite surprised if they paid for it in Britain for instance.

And even if the treatment is available elsewhere is it available in three weeks? Most of the waiting times I hear about even for simple tests seem to be that long or longer abroad. Of course someone could do so real research and prove me wrong. I would welcome their comments on the blog if they do. I suspect their resume might be welcome at the white house as well.

I wonder if the Congress will reprimand the President for making false statements in from of Congress? Maybe that Joe Wilson guy would be willing chime in?

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