Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Care--Michelle Style

Fausta’s Blog
Obama, in her brief speech to the vendors and patrons, handled the affordability issue by pointing out that people who pay with food stamps would get double the coupon value at the market. Even then, though, it’s hard to imagine somebody using food stamps to buy what the market offered: $19 bison steak from Gunpowder Bison, organic dandelion greens for $12 per pound from Blueberry Hill Vegetables, the Piedmont Reserve cheese from Everson Dairy at $29 a pound. Rounding out the potential shopping cart: $4 for a piece of “walnut dacquoise” from the Praline Bakery, $9 for a jumbo crab cake at Chris’s Marketplace, $8 for a loaf of cranberry-walnut bread and $32 for a bolt of yarn.

Ah yes, this will be political gold once the price increases from Cap and Trade, the "or pay" part of health care and the inflation from the Obama spending spree hits.  Imagine the people with jobs watching the value in their pay checks getting chewed to nothing by the consequences of Obamanomics being told "Don't worry, when you are on food stamps you will get two-for-one a the organic grocery store."  

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